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European Drone School has an amazing training program with a choice : online or offline training.

Take your pick from our collection of great training programs.


Industrial Inspections

Inspecting industrial structures is demanding, and requiers a lot of experience. Flying safe is our main goal, and our pilots are trained to maintain our standards under stress.


Pictures & Movies

Flying a heavy drone in a complex industrial situation is dangerous.

We can do that,

and we can do it while

delivering the best looking pictures the industry can afford.

(yes we really took that picture)

and we do it worldwide...

"we sometimes use drones for fun"

Drones can be fun, but not on the job. Our pleasure comes from our ability to share our expertise with our clients.


we have a large team of pilots

and that's our secret weapon, we can provide enough manpower to execute missions on a large scale


different drones for different uses ...


DJI M210 RTK - industrial inspection


DJI Inspire 2 - video & photo


Cinecopter - 3D scanning


DJI Mavic Pro - compact video & reconnaissance


DJI Phantom - compact video & photo


Freefly Alta 8 - Cinema

... and many more custom machines we build.

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